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 DotD || Qualities of a good editor?

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DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty
PostSubject: DotD || Qualities of a good editor?   DotD || Qualities of a good editor? EmptyThu Dec 25, 2014 7:19 pm

rendeerrendeerrendeersanta MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSSSS EVERYBODY!!!!!santarendeerrendeerrendeer
clownWhat a FaceLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heavenWhat a Faceclown

I hope you all are having a holly jolly holiday season (lol!) and have been enjoying yourselves the way I have been enjoying all of your lovely videos!!! I love you

When I watch a video, I always end up either loving it or feeling totally indifferent (never ever hate because an editor put work into their video so we should never hate)! I found myself asking why and how I could possibly make my videos make people feel totally in love them! And then I thought: well why not share it with the lovely editing community of Disney? So here I have arrived with this question:

What are some qualities you think are necessary of a good editor?

For myself, I seek out consistency, good timing, emotional manipulation, and a good storyline (though I don't think the last one is quite so necessary if the video is an especially well made)!

What I mean: 
Consistency in coloring and scenes! Like if one second Ariel has beautiful vibrant red and then the next second she is suddenly dark and desaturated or one second John Rolfe is standing in front of a waterfall and then the next he is in a castle ( these are super extreme non-specific examples)! I don't like these things because I feel like the editor got lazy or stopped trying Sad

Timing is something I think is a must because it just enhances the quality of the video like ignoring the beats and following the flow of the singer or completely ignoring the singer and hitting every beat! I think it has a dramatic effect on the video (:

Emotional manipulation is the same really as timing in my opinion. Like in a lot of say something videos, when the music just climbs at the one part and the singers go crazy, a lot of editors (i've seen) use quotes or just beautiful teary moments/manips that make me feel like it's real and wanna cry too XD

SO what do you lovely adorable people look for? Do you think that there is anything specific to look for or do some people just have that "it" factor that make you just go affraid while watching a video? XD <33
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DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Qualities of a good editor?   DotD || Qualities of a good editor? EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 1:39 pm

Well, first of all it depends on which kind of video it is. If it's upbeat I love beautiful colors, fancy text and stuff all working together with the music. But what really hits me is those videos where there's no need for a storyline because the video in it self can show it with emotion and music. I mean, don't get me wrong I love a good story, but when you can really feel the pain and joy in the characters that's the best in my opinion ^^
And then I'm just a sucker for crossovers, so if there's manips I'm hooked right from the start, haha n_n
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DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Qualities of a good editor?   DotD || Qualities of a good editor? EmptySun Dec 28, 2014 8:28 pm

[I am here even if I'm not allowed to be online. God, I feel so rebelish! XD]

- Matching beats:
I hate videos, where the clips are just put together and the beats scream already: „Hey! We’re not here for fun!!“

- No unneeded or overloading effects/overlays/Sparkles
Once I saw a video where the beats were “made” with zoom effects and that still goes on, when the beats stopped. *sigh*
I hate it when videos are just “Impress, impress, impress” and the editors forget to fit the style of the music. I know a few they just overload their vidoes with too much, too much moving lyrics and FX.


- Good masks:
You won’t get around this, if you try to make good crossovers : )
With “good” I don’t mean perfect, I just mean not to mask the first keyframe and just let that run the whole clip.

- Try to make good backgrounds:
I always have to laugh if anybody is using Eric. I never saw a video before, where he’s used without standing with a girl in the eating room (and you can see him stand at the window from the original XD Of course, IT COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE!!! But… Oh, this really annoys me)

For both:
But the most important part to me is: I have to notice that the editor loves what he does! And that he tries his best!
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DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Qualities of a good editor?   DotD || Qualities of a good editor? EmptyWed Dec 31, 2014 4:58 am

I look for two things when I look for new videos myself, Good story and originality.

Story: Even if its a 40 second video, if it manages to hook me, I don´t care than much if the masking is perfect or if the effects are flawless, sometimes the most simple videos are the best, but I like them to make sense like, if you are going to use two characters kissing either edit their kiss or cut off as much as I don´t get to see the cannon couple kissing like only in B/W.... And don´t just kill everyone, like videos where people die are cool and all, but there are ways of killing people.

I don´t even mean it in a "never heard before" story kinda way. Just something made by yourself. Like...not something stolen from other video, not clips from other videos, not the story line from a movie using other characters, unless that is the purpose, like Trailer videos or parodys and stuff wihc are meant to be that way.

I hate it when people won´t take a moment to edit what comes out from their own imagination. You can use Windows Movie maker, I don´t care, but I want to see something that came from you, not something you took out of the last Once Upon a Time episode!

I also like Original pairing in like...they way I wish I edited more, like Pairs you don´t always see, like Kronk, or Anastasia Tremaine, or Eep...you know a little more than the usual Jelsa/Jackunzel. But if you are going to use that pair, then do it in a way they are not usually done, I love making Jack a cheating jerk XD I can´t help it. Or make them have 3 kids and money issues I don´t know!

That is what I like to see in videos, of course i appreciate lovely manips and fonts (I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO USE FONTS) But to me the core of a good video is its content, not the visuals.
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DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Qualities of a good editor?   DotD || Qualities of a good editor? Empty

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DotD || Qualities of a good editor?
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