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 Share Disney Editing Community with your friends ~

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PostSubject: Share Disney Editing Community with your friends ~    Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:39 am

" I think a forum is nothing without the users -> us. The forum can be the worldbest - but it doesn't make any sense, if the members are quit as hell. We could all invite our subscribers to this forum to make it bigger"
~ Mika-Hime

That is so true! Without you guys, there wouldn't be a forum - and we all have to work together to make this a great place, with great people! I love you
If you want to help, share this page with your friends and subscribers. Either you can download my video about Disney Editing community via clipconverter.cc, and upload it on your channel. You can also make a video of your own if you like. Or, you can just put a link to the forum in the end of the descriptions to your videos.

This is completely optional, so don't feel forced to do anything. <3
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Share Disney Editing Community with your friends ~
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