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 DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion

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PostSubject: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:02 pm

Since these discussions is so fun to read, I thought about another topic- a dark one because it's soon Halloween  Twisted Evil  

Taboo - a theme that has been in the spotlight several times. A few years ago there was even a "Youtube-war" about this. One side hated Disney-videos with Taboo, and the other side didn't- and they all fighted about this.
My questions to you is;
1. What is your opinion about taboo-themed videos?
2. Where does the line go? Should some scenarios not be allowed to be edited?

Feel free to discuss this ~ but don't be mean or offensive to each other.
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:34 pm

Man...this is really dark as a topic. I personally love certain taboo themes, do I hardly ever have time to edit them because of how long it takes me to even have time to edit at all XD But....ok here I go.

There are certain things that I love in Disney Taboo videos, like, I think this offers a wider spectrum of character "development for original stories, specially when it comes to crossover. I love stories about murder, maybe torture, cheating, unusual sexual behavior or a fetish, war, revolutions, conspiracy to commit a crime...Some even are a call for attention, like domestic violence videos, I think its a powerful image to see Disney characters be abused too, It draws attention over how its wrong.
I can handle this kind of topics because I see them all the time on the news, on the movies, this are things that often have consequences and can come along with interesting characters and back stories which I love.

Even as Open minded as I try to remain, there are a few things I can´t stand, now I try not to judge people, I try so hard! But...I think videos regarding children in any sexual way I draw my line. I think a video about a kid falling in love with and adult but NOT being loved back is a cute idea and its funny and can be used for comedy. But when it comes to pedophilia, to a relationship, to a sexual relationship...sorry I back off there. I don´t think children should go trhough that, I don´t think I could use that kind of story, but that is just me. I consider this kind of relationship twisted and harmful, so I don´t edit to them, I respect people ho do it, and(as long as I don´t get knews of them being this way to children) I don´t think any less of them.

My second taboo untouchable topic is Rape. Rape is not funny, rape is dramatic but is a horrible horrible concept. Though it might be a little more easy for me to deal with it when the perpetrator gets killed or arrested at the end, I don´t support rape related videos. I am nobody to claim what should be forbidden for people to edit, but I would not allow this kind of video, for the violence of its nature at so many levels and specially when it shows no consequences to doing so. Its not the way to draw attention to a problem, its a not a nice resource to use to develop a character...that is only my opinion...but No. And of course Children in a sexual relationship is something I consider Rape. So of course I don´t approve of that either.

Then again, some people probably dislike videos where I show some domestic violence or homosexual relationships, so we are all entitled to our opinions. Nevertheless, I won´t think bad of people for what they produce in the name of fiction, but I don´t have to like it or watch it either. I won´t leave harmful comments about it, so we can all live in peace n-n
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:33 pm

Oh jeez taboo videos are my favorite kind. Since they're so fun to make. But the part where I draw the line is if something like suicide, depression, pedophelia, abuse, rape or anything serious is romanticized or put in a good light. Like this one video I saw where a character comitted suicide because the guy she liked didn't love her back and the creator said she did it to prove her love, and when she was gone the guy instantly realized he loved her and then she came back from the dead cuz the power of love. No no no no....shit like that pisses me off to no end. If you're ganna use any serious topic please do it respectfully and don't make light of it.
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:19 am

I really wanted to talk about this, but it is such a complicated topic Sad I do work with taboo and I like it (but it's do not mean I'm in favor of it in real life, for me they are two different things, fanasty and real life) I say this because I have been judged for doing rape and love story between an Adult and a child once. But I have noticed that people are gradually accepting or passing diretamente of the theme.

If a tell the truth I didn't always like taboo videos, always thougth it was mean to do that, but I saw some vidoes pas the years that were really good. I remember seing a video of a girl falling in love with an older guy, it's was so sweet. I thougth that maybe the taboo videos weren't so bad. As I say I seperate real life from fanasty. It's a complicated theme and think they always be a war about it :/
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:41 am

I don't have a problem with it, as long as the editor is educated on the subject- or else they'll quickly cross the line. They need to respect the topic and remember that some people will be affronted because they have experienced the taboo themselves.
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:42 pm

(This forum is so exciting!)

Personally, I think that taboo is perfectly all right in any video! I think this because we are all - in a sense - writers and every writer must draw from reality (even in videos of fantasy) to make their story believable. And, unfortunately, reality comes in shades from white to black and there are certain things we can't avoid when we make our stories. Sometimes, it is a must to show the darker sides of the world because it wouldn't be right (or even feel slightly just) to limit ourselves because of what we don't want to see.

I know this is really controversial but I think as long as the distinction is made between our videos and reality, then I don't see a problem. In fact, I admire taboo and darkness because it is bending the mind to greater stories and greater worlds. I believe that we're channeling a story into these videos and, while we might not like the direction they're going, they have to go there. Like when I write, I think to myself "Damn, I really wish he would apologize to her or she would realize she needs him so they can go ride off into the sunset together" but that just can't happen when you know how these characters are or where your story should go. It isn't necessary to have taboo to make a good story and having taboo doesn't immediately make it a good story, but if it's there and it works then yeah, sure - go on with your bad self xD

In essence, I love taboo-less videos and I love taboo videos because as a long as the story is great and your editing is equally as beautiful, then there should only be praise in the comments!

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, I just wanted to join the debate and enjoy hearing all of your opinions! ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:38 pm

Well... I'm in the middle.
Some videos are very well realised, ​​but I do not like videos "pedophilia" ^^
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PostSubject: Re: DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion   

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DotD || Taboo in videos - Your opinion
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