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 CopyRigth@ Videos Block

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PostSubject: CopyRigth@ Videos Block   CopyRigth@ Videos Block EmptyFri May 06, 2016 5:39 pm

Well most of you have live this before or going to soon, one of video have been block all over the world and other deleted... Sad because of the coptyrith, so I was looking and it seems that this happens a lot to others. Not only to disney/anime/Tv show editors, also to review o critic that only used images. So I was thinking if we won't be able to show are talent, do a critic or maybe soon niether do a cover. What will youtube became? Since copyrigth have became so hard this will affect us so much, that we will have to leave youtube... What do you think? And how would youtube work without us? It's just now it's seen that everying have coptyrigth and no longer fair use :/
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CopyRigth@ Videos Block
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