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 Using other peoples masks?

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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? EmptySun Mar 27, 2016 3:15 am

Hey there lovelies^^

So, I've been thinking lately about masks, specifically using others masks.

At first, I was okay with, and in some cases grateful for, people doing mask giveaways. But lately, it seems to me like it's getting a bit out of hand. There are so many masks out there now that it would be so easy for someone to fake there way into being a crossover editor, and not have to do any masking themselves at all. And no one would really notice. Some people credit, yeah, but a lot of people I feel like don't. And a good point Liv (aka DannyPhantomSG1) brought up was, when people use others masks for mep parts, the credit doesn't get transferred over to the full mep so then people watching the mep think they did it themselves.

The main reason this bothers me, is that it takes alot of the creativity and hard work out of editing. Editing used to be something that wasn't easy and crossovers were rare and highly appreciated and now they're all over the place due to people giving away so many masks.

That being said, I am not talking generally about using one of two masks for a video you are making to save time or whatever. I am talking about the people who use them in bulk, to where it's the opposite and the majority of masks in the video aren't theirs and one or two are theirs. Or in some cases none.

The topic has been bothering me lately and wanted to get your guy's thoughts on this.
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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? EmptySun Mar 27, 2016 1:07 pm

Nowadays it's really hard to tell has somebody used someone's masks or are they editor's own masks because people use lot of same scenes in their videos. So yeah, just like you said: it is too easy to just say "Yeah, I did this myself." even though the truth is different.

I'm not saying that you are horrible person if you use masks that aren't made by you because I know lot of time can be saved if you use couple of "already done by someone else -masks." I have seen few editors that have done mask giveaways and say: "Oh you don't have to credit me, but it would be nice." and because of that many editors don't mention that one or two (or even more) masks are not made by them. The worst scenario would be that people don't admit that they use others masks even if you asked them about it.

What bothers me the most is that I have seen editors who have participated in the editing competition and in their videos they use others masks and still don't give a credit because they fear what judges say.

Sorry if my text if difficult to read and understand but I hope you guys get my point. XD
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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? EmptySun Mar 27, 2016 11:09 pm

Anyone who has ever discussed this particular issue with me knows that my opinion of it is very poor, and perhaps worse than most editors' is (at least those I have discussed this with) I have for many years been heavily against the use of other people's masks. To me, it's the same thing as cheating, no matter the explanation to it. Imagine if this was a real-life scenario and your videos are your homework and by having others do some of your masks, it's the same as having them write part of your assignment. Your teacher (aka the people who watch your videos) may have varied reactions, but the two bigger ones would be the person saying:
"I don't care if others have made part of this video, I care about the finished product and this looks awesome." and then there's the other person who would say: "I don't care about the finished work, I care about you doing EVERYTHING yourself so you can take proper credit of your own work." and I am the last person in this scenario.
I'd rather see a semi-decent crossover video than a perfect one made with masks by other people. To me, it's cheating. The part about making crossovers that is time-consuming and difficult are the masks. By using other people's masks, your right to your own video disappears little by little. Depending on how many masks you use by other people, the less the finished video will be yours. Because the talent in a crossover video heavily depends on the masks, it just really saddens me whenever people use other people's masks, no matter if they credit the person who masked them or not, because it means that the blood, sweat and tears in making that video just never happened because the difficult parts were done for the person using other people's masks.
My opinion of this is very harsh I'll admit, but I will always stick by it and argue why using other people's masks is wrong. This is also why I have never uploaded a masks giveaway and have always said no when an editor has asked me to mask for them. I have always reached out a helping hand, given advice and so on, but I have never, and will never, give masks away.
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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 11:28 pm

What a good question!

I have to say, I do partially agree with you, it sort of feels like the growing giveaways and usages of masks - without appropriate credit - is depreciating the individual style of the editors in the community. That's why, I admit, I am a little loathsome to give away masks or backgrounds (especially the latter because I am extremely meticulous and hardworking in making backgrounds perfect) as I do know that people will not credit me and, with the amount of work I've spent on both, it's a little hurtful. There have been situations where I've recognized my masks (idk how? A sixth sense of recognition of my handiwork?) and politely mentioned it in a PM to the editors, to which they've apologized and were respectful and put the appropriate credit, but I don't think anyone should have to go through that.

I will say that there can be some comfort taken in the limitations of using masks as they're not always in perfect condition, worsened by chroma key or poor rotobrush skills, and are limited to the time the masking editor wanted to do (for example, only masking the first 3 seconds of an 8 second long, unbroken scene with Belle).

Personally, I bear no large grudge as I think masking for new editors is recommended, however not in excess as they have to learn to mask themselves, BUT I will say that being a good editor requires for people to take off the training wheels and migrate into being 100% responsible for their work. If you take a good look at those with rapport in the community, they have - in AiraSora's context - a veritable ownership to their video as they have done most to all of the work themselves. And I think it's more than just the mindset of doing your own masks, but what goes along with it because, once you fall into relying on yourself and doing all this work, you become more of a perfectionist, more of a risk-taker, and the video - as a result of the mentality towards editing - is wholly improved. Not just by the editing but how people perceive you. In the description, when credit is given to other editors for the masks used, the viewer will look less upon the editor as they really didn't do more than just place two pre-concocted masks on that somebody else made. But lying, an atrocious alternative which I do regard with some contempt when intentional, is occasionally taken.

Anyways, there's my take on it, hope it wasn't offensive! This is a loving community only until it's not, so let's be careful of that  lol! ♥️

-Kristin jocolor
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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? EmptySun Apr 03, 2016 7:59 am

Since the first day of editing (more than 4 years ago)- my opinions about this topic have always been the same; I see it as cheating. However, depending on the reason- I can be more or less against it for that particular time. 
Free masks basically didn't exist when I was a newbie, so from the start I learned everything about masking the hard way - with blood, sweat and tears. I wouldn't share my masks even with my closest friends, since I worked so hard on them. 
Today I've 2 giveaways on my channel, and the reason why is because I want to help those editors who haven't the option to do masks in their programs, and newbies. I don't know if it's mean- but I only choose masks that is old and actually not 100% perfect. I never share masks I worked hard on, only those I did swiftly xD Recently I started to make my own versions of backgrounds as well, but I will never share those >;D I do think using free masks in tournaments & MEP's is a big NO-NO. It's your work I want to see, not somebody else's. 

I've used free masks once (I believe O__O), and that was when I did a video with Flynn & Elsa. Since I just wanted to /try/ working with CGI - I allowed myself to use a few scenes. BUT- I did my own masks first, but they totally sucked... soo.. I cheated xD I did however give credit in the desc ;D

It seems like I'm one of the few who can see directly if a editor haven't done their own mask. (And I always get annoyed when no credits is given xD) Idk, maybe I just have an eye for such things xD
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Using other peoples masks? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Using other peoples masks?   Using other peoples masks? Empty

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Using other peoples masks?
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