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 DotD || Crossover or canon?

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DotD || Crossover or canon? Empty
PostSubject: DotD || Crossover or canon?   DotD || Crossover or canon? EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 8:06 pm

Hi, boys and girls!

Merry 2016!  Like a Star @ heaven  Hope all is going well with you and your editing lives, of course! Today, I come to your guys with a question which will sound a lot like comparing apples to oranges...

For crossover and canon, which do you prefer? Why? And can one outrank the other?

Personally, I adore both. I have seen some kickass crossover videos, but I have also seen some kickass canon videos. But, if I am being honest, canon videos are, in my opinion, much easier to fail at - as we have all seen some videos strewn across YouTube with lazily applied scenes to create an apathetic video. That is probably why I think canon videos are a teensy tiny bit better than crossover videos, of course with me being biased as a crossover video editor lol!

Specifically, I am referencing editors like DannyphantomSG1 and FableSecrets (formerly xdeadlylovelyx) and xXAmity0ParkXx whose videos have brought literal tears to my eyes or rocked me emotionally by using effects and voice-overs timed to perfection. Those videos, as I have said a hundred times over, highlight themes masked within a beautiful movie plot and accentuated the struggles or complications a character such as Ramses or even Ratcliffe (two horrible villains) may have faced. Unlike, crossover videos, they blow my mind with different ways they perceive movies and the subsequent illustration of their perceptions.

Crossover videos can be just as great, but I see it more as the ability to use what you have been given and work tediously into making it what you want it to be versus changing someone's perception entirely. Editors like the TheNamelessDoll have done that very well (her notorious mermaid gifs and various crossover videos as examples) alongside JoleenAlice and so on and so forth.

Just wanted to hear your opinions, beautiful darlings!  I love you

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DotD || Crossover or canon? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Crossover or canon?   DotD || Crossover or canon? EmptyWed Jan 13, 2016 6:37 am

For me it's a toss up. I do tend to have trouble picking favorites so I can't say that I'm swayed either way more or less.

I do have specific reasons why I like each though.
For cannon videos, I love to pick apart small details of plots and make them shine through parallels with other movies, voice overs, and critical scene choice. All my cannon videos tend to have specific themes. And there are tons of themes you can pull from cannon. For example, you can make a video shining all the epic battle scenes and the torment that it puts the characters through. Or you can show off all the lovely heart warming couples and the struggles they go through to get to each other. The themes are endless and I love showing people how deep a movie can be without them realizing it.

For crossovers, I love being about to take all these scenes and characters, and thinking, well, what if this character met this one? What would happen if this happened? I always try to keep the characters to stay true to themselves when I create a story. Thinking about how they would react in different situtations. Incorporating all the small details you can add that make a world of difference is something that always excites me. And I love telling stories. I always have. Smile

Also, thanks for using me as an example for cannon! You are an absolute peach! Very Happy I love you
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DotD || Crossover or canon? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Crossover or canon?   DotD || Crossover or canon? EmptyWed Jan 13, 2016 7:27 am

There's no doubt in my mind which I prefer; crossovers all the way.
In canon, I usually feel like there's nothing new being brought to the table because we've all seen the scenes before, we know what will happen in a moment if the person is using the scene for a long time and there's no surprise involved. Unless of course the person doing a canon video is twisting everything around (like the heroine x villain ship, Esmeralda and Frollo, Jasmine and Jafar, Megara and Hades, etc.) Unless the person doing a video with only characters from the same movie and is twisting it all around so the original plot is nowhere in sight, I think canon is usually pretty boring to edit with and to look at. I have very few canon ships, I can count them on one hand really, that I have or probably ever will edit with. Unless there's like candy editing involved, which demands a lot of work on its own, I think canon is boring.
With a crossover though, the opportunities are endless and if you want it to look good and believable you HAVE to spend many hours doing masks, thinking what scenes fit the most, etc. I just think there's more work put into a crossover video than a canon video, especially because one demands masks whereas the other one it's usually a "choice" and most of the time, there's no masks involved in a canon video. Masks are 80% of the interesting part in a video to me so if those 80% are taken away, I get bored pretty quickly. Even in my canon videos with Arnold and Helga for example, I usually edit as much as I can (changing their expressions, masking them, etc.) because even if I love the couple I'm doing, I still feel like it's too easy just to shove a scene into the video and let it like that without anymore work done.
I sound very harsh towards canon, but that's my honest opinion Laughing
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DotD || Crossover or canon? Empty
PostSubject: Re: DotD || Crossover or canon?   DotD || Crossover or canon? Empty

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DotD || Crossover or canon?
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