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 Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO Recovering a file ♥

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Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO  Recovering a file ♥ Empty
PostSubject: Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO Recovering a file ♥   Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO  Recovering a file ♥ EmptySat Oct 10, 2015 10:58 pm

Holy smokes, guys!

I just discovered this very important trick about recovering a lost file today (about 5 minutes ago when I almost lost 3+ minutes/several months worth of work) and I thought, "The world must know!!"

So basically, while working my computer shut off without warning and somehow 'corrupted' my file, rendering me unable to open it. Typically, you can recover it in several different ways.

1) Restoring previous versions: Not my favorite because it is based on your last System Restore point so, if you don't do this often (set a System Restore point), you won't recover much from anything recent but it is an option.
     Steps: Right click on your file and click the properties button. Once the properties window pops up, click on the tab marked "Previous Versions" and open the version most recently created.

2) THE SUPER AWESOME ONE: This, I love because it is the most recent version and 99% of the time it works! Basically, this one takes SVP's backup version of your file (so to speak), which is kept in a .bak file instead of a .veg file (which is the version you open), and allows you to open it, revealing everything from your most recent save point. Sounds a little complicated but it is super easy, and I love it 100000000000%.
      Steps: Whenever you create a SVP file, two versions come up in whatever folder you have saved them in: the .veg file (which has the SVP logo and has your file's name: i.e. 'Untitled'), and the .bak file (which looks like a white piece of paper with the right corner folded in, titled your file's name.bak 'Untitled.bak'). Of these two, typically the .veg is corrupted, meaning you no longer have access to this file.
       Whenever this happens, go to the .bak file and right click it, selecting the properties option. When the properties window opens, select the 'General' tab and click the option 'Change' to change what your file opens with.
       A new window will pop up, within it you will see the tile icons of several programs, click on the Sony Vegas Pro option. Click "Ok" for both open windows and then click to open your new file!!

It is super awesome and just saved my ass I was nearly in tears when I lost my work!!! but, thankfully, I discovered this neat tip! Just make sure you allot an appropriate amount of time for the file to load to avoid risking losing your work once more. I also recommend saving your file every few seconds as a new version entirely to avert any unnecessary complications but that is just crazy ol' me Smile

Sorry that I didn't have pictures, if you guys any questions, feel free to ask me I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

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Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO  Recovering a file ♥ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO Recovering a file ♥   Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO  Recovering a file ♥ EmptyTue Oct 13, 2015 11:35 am

You can also find autosaves and stuff in the program files sony vegas folder, in case you didnt save the project at all. Theyre saved as random numbers so it may take some finding and it doesnt always work, cos autosaving is a little hit and miss from what I can find, but you'll probably be surprised by what is there Smile
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Important Tip: SONY VEGAS PRO Recovering a file ♥
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