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 Rules of this Forum ~

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Rules of this Forum ~   Empty
PostSubject: Rules of this Forum ~    Rules of this Forum ~   EmptyMon Oct 13, 2014 1:35 pm

Welcome to Disney editing community - a forum where editors who works with Disneyfootage on for example Youtube, and people who just like disney, can meet and chat with each other.

Here we have some rules, so please read it all!

1. First of, be nice to each other! People who don't respect this rule will be banned from this site!

2. The purpose of this forum is so that people can meet - NOT to promote their own channels or other work. Posts like "Subscribe to my channel" or "Watch my videos!!" will be deleted.
The only time you can "promote"/show your own videos is under the section "To the rescue!" - where you can ask for opinions about your video, How you can make it better, etc. [But you have to be able to handle criticism for this]

3. NO spam posts.
I will also keep this forum "clean" -  which means that I will delete old topics/posts that doesn't serve any purpose. If you feel like one or more topics should stay, let me know and I will keep them!

4. On this site I will also have my Disney Editing Tournament. [More info about that under "Disney Tournament" if you are intrested] Anyone is allowed to check those posts and leave comments, but it is mainly for the contestant.

5. The language on this forum is English, and please don't write in another language in the posts. This is so that everyone will understand, and no one will be left out in the conversations.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me - or leave a post in the "Q&A" section.

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Rules of this Forum ~
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